Deer Management

Fallow deer- small web

At the last helicopter count (Spring 2018) there were 1,410 stags, 3,070 hinds and 1,126 calves on the ground. The average population density of 8 deer per sq km is relatively low for such fertile ground, but this includes ground over which deer are completely excluded, and much of the area still supports fairly extensive flocks of sheep as well. An unknown number of deer will use the forested ground around the edges of the group, possibly linking to ground outwith the group boundaries as well.

Fallow deer are prominent to the east of the Group area, and roe deer are also present across the area, and proportionately more important than in many similar sized groups. The Group must therefore provide a function for management of all these species.

Sika deer occasionally pass through the area, but it also now seems that they are now resident in some areas of forestry.