Deer Management Plan

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South Perthshire DMG are currently reviewing and upgrading their Deer Management Plan to cover the period 2022-27.  Any queries on the development of the plan are invited to either of the email addresses on the Contacts page, or to

Main Documents

South Perthshire DMP- Background Information

Working Plan

Main Issues Report


  1. SP DMG Location Map
  2. SP DMG Members map
  3. SP DMG  Sub-areas & Reporting Units Map
  4. SP DMG 5 X Sub areas map
  5. SP DMG Management Objectives Map
  6. SP DMG Hill Sheep Map
  7. SP DMG Community Councils Map
  8. SP DMG Designated Sites map
  9. SP DMG Landscape Map
  10. SP DMG SSSI Condition Map
  11. SP DMG Woodland Creation Map
  12. SP DMG Herbivore Impacts outwith designated sites Map
  13. SP DMG 2010 Deer Count Density Map
  14. SP DMG 2018 Count Density Map
  15. SP DMG Distribution of open ground habitats map
  16. SP DMG Deer- Vehicle Collisions Map


Appendix 1 SP DMG Constitution- DRAFT

Appendix 2  SP DMG Contacts List

This appendix is confidential to Group Members only. Contact with the Group is encouraged via the Chair or Secretary.

Appendix 3 SP DMG Designated Sites

Appendix 4 Deer Cull data requirements

Appendix 5  2021-22 Deer Cull Summary by property

This appendix is Confidential to Group members only. Group wide data is available within main Background Information & Policies document above.

Appendix 6 Monitoring of Designated Features

Appendix 8 SP DMG Broad Habitat data.